C'est la vie!

Thu Jan 24

Going back to the old school days of travelling the Oregon Trail

  • jillybeaner0626: i fucking got murdered!
  • jillybeaner0626: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  • AVintageDesign: lol what?!?!
  • AVintageDesign: how did that happen?!
  • AVintageDesign: haha.. so funny..
  • jillybeaner0626: i tried to steal.
  • AVintageDesign: lol.. from who?
  • jillybeaner0626: josh.
  • jillybeaner0626: don't do it.
  • AVintageDesign: I won't steal from him.. just you.. I stole a ton from you man!
  • AVintageDesign: I reached oregon city
  • jillybeaner0626: well, howdy!
  • AVintageDesign: haha.. don't pretend like you made it.. you died..
  • AVintageDesign: well.. ok.. you made it on my wagon.. but that's cause I saved you from pooping your brains out..
  • jillybeaner0626: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. that's really funny.
  • AVintageDesign: lol only because I love you